Welcome to MotoTrippingInIsrael - a site about motorcycling in Israel, places I visited, and experiences I had along the way. I hope to share the excitement of travelling in Israel and inspire you to make the journey. 

I moved to Israel in 2014 and returned to biking in 2017 after a break of 25+ years. I soon discovered what an amazing country Israel is for motorcycle travel. The varied scenery, amazing destinations, and small size of the country enables a visitor to see most of Israel in a short trip. Whether you enjoy nature and hiking, visiting historical sites, or just lying on the beach, Israel has it all in a space the size of the U.S. state of New Jersey. Join the ride as I share my thoughts about biking in Israel along with some of my favorite rides.


Enjoy and ride safe!  



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Author at Aqueduct Beach, Caesarea