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WF(m)M - Working From (my) Motorcycle

With most of the world now using the oxymoron WFH - "Working From Home" - I have decided to take WFH a step further. Welcome to WF(m)M - "Working From (my) Motorcycle" - a creative, and hopefully addictive, way to work for the biker community. There are many advantages to this new and, IMO, infinitely more practical way of working in our "new normal." Spare me a few minutes of your precious time to explain.

On the way to my "home office" by motorcycle
On the way to my "home office"

WFH is, for many of us, an exercise in futility. With kids either attending "online school" or no school at all, a lack of dedicated home office space, stocked refrigerators calling us to snack non-stop, and partners that may also be home, the distractions prevent any serious "work" from actually occurring. Most certainly, nothing creative is happening! Don't forget about those critical Zoom meetings where you are constantly interrupted by your home "co-workers."

I propose that you pack up your laptop, bring spare batteries, charge your phone, bring a thermos full of coffee, make your lunch, get on your motorcycle and ride an hour or so to your favorite destination. Bring comfortable clothes and your bathing suit. It could be in the mountains, by the sea, or in a national park. Far far away from anyone and any distractions! Once you arrive you can open your laptop, make your phone a hotspot, and presto - your new - and significantly more productive - "home office." Every day your office can be in a new and inspiring location.

A typical work week could be Sunday at the Aqueduct Beach in Caesarea (note: in Israel the work week is Sunday - Thursday), Monday at the Beit Guvrin national park, Tuesday at the Sea of Galilee, Wednesday at Mount Shaul in the Gilboa, and Thursday at Barbehar near Nes Harim. With today's technology, entirely possible! You will be the envy of your co-workers as they try and guess where in the country you have decided to "commute" to work today. While your co-workers are stuck at home, miserable, attempting the traditional WFH your new WF(m)M is opening up a whole new world as you plan your work week around new and exciting destinations rather than your boring "home office" living room. In case you're not yet convinced, I've listed a few of the advantages of WF(m)M:

1. One less occupant in your cramped apartment giving your kids more space and your partner a break from your constant presence.

2. You CHOOSE your work location making every day appear as an "Instagram worthy" picture.

3. No annoying or embarrassing interruptions by your family members or pets.

4. Lose those WFH kilos by not having the refrigerator tempting you.

5. Can you think of a better way to start and end your day than commuting by bike to your chosen destination?

6. No need to stop what you are doing to solve the latest home crisis or play referee between your children since you're NOT THERE!

7. You will be the envy of your ZOOM colleagues.

8. No need to renovate or move for that extra "home office" that you don't have.

9. No need to answer the question, "how was your day at the office?" It will be the same every day.....GREAT!

10. Your family will thank you!

Ride safe and enjoy your new "WF(m)M normal!" Now the only thing missing is to control the weather.

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